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Very clear, specific, and adaptable to the learner - Beth Marie has shown how flexible her lessons are, and how anyone can learn to play as long as there's passion!


Beth is an amazing teacher I’ve always been interested in music but never been great with it ( having autism my remembering what to do wasn’t great ). At school in our music lesson we would often sit together and used the piano even though I wasn’t great Beth used to reassure me and take her time trying to teach me she’s very calm is great at helping you . I highly recommend her!


Beth is very positive and fun! She makes me interested to play and gives me good and helpful resources to learn from!!


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Come and check out Kaia Nicholl has written a review upon my released E.P. 'Tale of Souls' as well as my music teaching.

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Here are some of the places that my music has been played on throughout the years.

Beth is a fantastic teacher, she was patient and kind. She would always make herself available to organise lessons when it suited my hectic timetable! Joshuas skills and confidence have improved a great deal in such a short time. It's a real shame we moved away! She will be missed 🙂


Beth is a amazing music teacher, as she lets the person who she is teaching choose the song they want to learn. But other teachers choose the song for their student themselves. My daughter enjoyed Beth teaching her. Beth is a great teacher and I hope more people want to be taught by her. :)


Beth is an amazing tutor. She will teach you at your own pace in a calm and relaxed manner. She has great knowledge of what she teaches and strives to make lessons interesting and fun!


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